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Understanding the Always-On Consumer (Infographic)

24 hoursMost people routinely trade their online data for something of value from brands – usually cash or discounts. In fact, 61% of those under the age of 35 and 49% of those aged 50+ do so, especially those who spend a lot of time online (7+ hours), according to this infographic on Understanding the Always-On Consumer from Exponential Solutions, the makers of the Cube music and content delivery platform.  Fewer people (only 39%) say they are happy for brands to track and analyze their behavior in exchange for more relevant content or services.

This system of constantly shifting and intertwined trade sets up a sort of covenant between brands and people.  People provide data in exchange for a promise from brands to provide something of value, or at least something useful, fun, cool or entertaining.   Using data as currency also sets up an expectation by people to be understood and served.  We all crave recognition as individuals, and expect custom content and relevant discount offers.  The Cube team found that the always-on consumer demands even more:  Convenience.  “Marketers must be helpful and informative along every step of the way and be able to move mountains without being noticed,” they advise in presenting the infographic.

With more and more people spending a lot of time connected to the Internet, the bar rises for brands to connect with purpose and intelligence.  The infographic says that 52% of people expect brands to know the right moments to connect with them.  In our experience at TopRight, most brands struggle to identify the right moments, or even how to use the data they have to determine them.

The infogCube Five Reasonsraphic aims to help marketers navigate the potentially murky water around consumer interests.  It lists five key demands of the ‘Always-On’ consumer:

  1. Recognize Me
  2. Treat Me As an Individual
  3. Make it Easy for Me
  4. Anticipate My Needs
  5. Give me A Voice.

These are not linear demands, but instead create a dynamic flow that presents a new set of expectations around collecting and using data online.  The “always on” customer demands an “always on, always evolving, always right for me in this moment” level of service.

Marketers  must design outbound messaging along a new kind of Customer BuyWay in order to #StayTopRight.  The most powerful customer journeys will be created by marketers who are able to listen to customers, serve them with relevant and useful content at the most meaningful moments of interaction, and personalize the experience for each individual.


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