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Video: The Future of Marketing (And A Free Webinar, too)

Scott Brinker VideoMarketing plans are dead.  It’s not just technology advances, but it’s the customer exploration and competitive demand that require a more agile, evolutionary approach.   The traditional marketing approach of outbound messaging is being usurped by inbound customer-driven requests and connections.

Long live the agile marketing plan that adapts to change, meets evolving consumer expectations and focuses on encouraging and optimizing in-bound rather than excessive outbound messaging.  Scott Brinker, CTO of ion interactive gives a worthwhile topline view of the dynamic nature of marketing in this video sponsored by Marketo and The Economist.

Scott will inspire you to learn more and make this “agile marketing” concept actionable.  First step – join TopRight Partners CEO Dave Sutton for a free webinar, “Obliterate Your Old Customer Processes” next month with FCB Partners.  Join us on  January 7, 2015 at 12 noon ET to move your marketing into a more customer-centric and 21st Century place.   As always, we help you Stay #TopRight.



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