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WARNING: Master Chief will not be stopped…


…at the cash register. That sound you hear is the buzz created by tomorrow’s launch of Halo 3 – perhaps the most talked about video game since, well, Halo 2. I have to admit that I haven’t purchased anything video game related after I turned 16. BUT – check out the game’s website and I dare you not to tour the John-117 Monument. Pretty darn cool, huh? (or rad, or hot, or whatever the kids are saying these days). And that spooky piano music? Makes me almost think about seeing if one of my friends buys it. From what I hear the makers of Halo 3 are incorporating all the right things from some of today’s hottest websites. You know, all that Social Networking stuff. From a marketing perspective this has to be considered a successful launch since people like me are even paying attention. And the best indicator of all? I’m already wondering what Halo 4 is going to look like!

After you play the game shoot me a note and let me know if it lives up to the hype.

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