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Listen to the Dawn Colossi Transformational Marketers Interview

“Are your CEO’s analytics telling you that you should fire everyone from marketing?” -Dawn Colossi, Senior Director of World Wide Digital Marketing at CommVault


The Transformational Marketers Interview Series features marketing leaders who are working to drive change in their industries, business models, and organizations. During these brief interviews, successful leaders share how they practice transformational marketing to lead company-wide change, altering how they market, communicate and engage with their customers.

By reshaping their story, driving change in their industries, and redefining relationships with their customers, these transformative marketing leaders build valuable customer experiences and transform customers into brand advocates.

Listen to Episode 17: Breaking Through The Noise

Dawn Colossi, Senior Director of Worldwide Digital Marketing at CommVault shares how she effectively gives customers a reason to care.

Today consumers are hit with thousands of ads, emails, and marketing messages. Learn how Dawn approaches breaking through the noise to add value for customers- even before they buy from you. By understanding the customer buying journey Dawn’s work ensures your company is top of mind when customers are ready to purchase. In our interview, Dawn talks about she is able to drive alignment and consistency with all of her marketing efforts. This alignment proves helpful in attracting the right audience to get them to stay and ultimately become advocates for her brand. Dawn shares her stories of working in the tech world and identifies three challenges that marketers are faced with.

Listen below:

Dawn Colossi is a strategic marketing communications professional with 20-plus years’ experience in Marketing, Corporate Communications and Public Relations. As the Senior Director of Worldwide Engagement and Experience Strategy for CommVault, Ms. Colossi drives marketing strategy to create WW demand through strategic content-based campaigns designed to move prospects through the buyer’s journey. Ms. Colossi has built an always-on customer-driven Marketing model based on data, including intent signals and digital body language, to increase revenue and market share. Aligning Sales and Marketing to strategically connect digital engagement with personal interactions, across prospect, customer and partner audiences is at the center of health and growth for modern businesses.
Ms. Colossi has been named to the Top Women in MarTech and Digital and won the SiriusDecisions ROI Award for Digital Content Marketing Strategy.

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