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Watch the Nikki Nixon Transformational Marketer Interview

“The Story really started with Sales and the objections they were hearing”
— Nikki Nixon, Director #FlipMyFunnel

The Transformational Marketers Interview Series features marketing leaders that are working to drive change in their industries, business models, and organizations. During these brief interviews, successful leaders share how they practice Transformational Marketing to lead company-wide change, altering how they market, communicate and engage with their customers.

By reshaping their story, driving change in their industries, and redefining relationships with their customers, these transformative leaders build valuable customer experiences and transform customers into brand advocates.

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Episode 13: Building a Community through Customer Feedback

Watch episode 13 of the Transformational Marketers Interview Series and learn from Nikki Nixon, Director of #FlipMyFunnel. Nikki shares her experience engaging with customers and her sales teams to better craft the ABM Story.

By hearing from customers, and taking a very proactive approach to gathering their feedback, the #FlipMyFunel team was able to take a very complex ABM model, make it simple, and grow a devoted following. Interested in hearing more about how your Story can build a loyal brand following?

Watch the interview below!

Nikki Nixon, Director of #FlipMyFunnel

Nikki Nixon, Director of #FlipMyFunnel, is a passionate marketing leader on a mission to have an exponentially positive impact on the world. #FlipMyFunnel is on a mission to build the largest and most connected vendor-agnostic community of B2B marketing, sales and customer success professionals by leading them to become masters of their craft and heroes in their organization.

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