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Which B2B Content Works Best: It's Not What is Most Commonly Produced!

head of idea bulbsWhile product brochures are the most common content type created by B2B marketers, whitepapers deliver the highest-quality leads, according to a recent report from the CMO Council and the NetLine Corporation.  So why are marketers still creating product brochures?

It’s not insanity – it’s intelligence.  Of course whitepapers produce more leads… since they are designed to do so early in the relationship.  If the survey asked which content produced the highest conversation to sales rate, I bet the answer would be, “product brochures.”

This table illustgreat-leads-cmocouncil-290715rates the report findings:  Some 84% of respondents say their company creates product brochures and 78% create whitepapers.  However, when respondents selected the content types which produce great leads, whitepapers come out on top (cited by 24%).

Perhaps even more interesting, the CMO Council found in a related study outlined in this nice infographic, that even though 83% of marketers produce content intended to engage new prospects, and up to 60% of buyers research content to learn about new products, best practices and innovations… only 12% of marketers believe they can send the right content to meet each buyer’s interest.

That is an incredible number of marketers creating content they are not confident will work, or even reach the target audience.

The reasons for the disconnect are rather alarming because they are totally under the marketer’s control.  Things like budget, creating relevant and targeted content, identifying and reaching the right decision maker, and leveraging the right distribution channels.

Successful B2B content marketers do those things well:  Create content that will resonate, ensure it reaches the right audience and use analytics and insights to nurture prospects through a journey that is custom and personalized.   Where are you on the scale – are you confident your content marketing is delivering results?  Or, are you in the 88% who say they are not sure?

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