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Why BMW, Lego, FedEx Top "Most Reputable Company" List

reputation - BF quoteBMW is the most reputable company, according to a new survey of consumers by Reputation Institute.   The report was based on data from a survey conducted in early 2015 of more than 61,000 consumers living in the world’s 15 largest economies.

BMW took the top spot this year from The Walt Disney Company, the 2014 winner which dropped to 6th place this year. Google ranks as the second most reputable company, followed by Daimler, Rolex, Lego, The Walt Disney Company, Canon, Apple, Sony, and Intel – the only new firm on the top 10 list from 2014, replacing Microsoft.



The rest of the list can be found here, along with quotes from executives at some of the leading firms on their commitment to brand reputation.  What strikes us as very consistent among these leaders is not just the presence of a brand strategy and story, but the relentless production and communication of that story through the customer experience.

Telling your story consistently and clearly expressing corporate values is essential to breaking through our crowded marketplace.  “The top brands do not get there by accident,” says brand strategy maven Bill Fasig, TopRight COO.  “There must be ruthless attention to clarity and simplicity in the story, with purposeful alignment to the business objectives.  Brands that dominate their markets do not settle for somewhat aligned or sometimes aligned… they get all their teams working toward the same brand experience delivery and communication, always.”   The brand leaders on this list seem to agree:

  • “Innovation is the driver of everything we do,”  says Bill McAndrews, Vice President, Head of BMW Group Corporate Communications. “Also, our job as communicators is to create platforms or channels which promote contact not only with our products, but also with experts within the company. “
  • “We believe our ability to reinvent the LEGO play experience year after year and create products that appeal to children is key to not only our performance but also our reputation,” say Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, President and CEO of the LEGO Group
  • Winning this recognition is “a reflection of what our 325,000 team members strive to deliver every day—an outstanding FedEx experience,” says Patrick Fitzgerald, SVP Integrated Marketing, and Communications, Fedex.

With every client engagement, TopRight makes marketing better and more actionable through the right combination of strategy, story and systems.   Staying #TopRight means a commitment to clarity: To be true to the values and promise of your brand story permeating through every aspect of engagement and customer experience.

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