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And the Winners Are…

Unknown The CRM Watchlist is a much-anticipated annual review of CRM vendors and consultants and is the brainchild of Paul Greenberg, President of The 56 Group, LLC. Paul is an industry analyst, journalist and best-selling author who pours through thousands of pages of supporting documents from applicants who are hoping to be named a category winner each year.

Greenberg believes that, “…marketing has been transformed perhaps more so than any other sector in the last several years. Marketers are now in a position where they have to compete for attention in the world of a million messages.” Among the winners, three have all been leaders in that transformation – at least in the area of technology.  Greenberg states, “they have had impact – and, at least as far as I can tell, will continue to do so in the next few years.”

TopRight is pleased and honored to spotlight Teradata Applications, one of our industry partners, as one of three winners in the titled category of “Going Marketing.”

Teradata Applications, “sees themselves as a play in big data and analytics as their core strength in the customer facing universe.  They are that, no doubt, but that doesn’t necessarily resonate the strongest among customers.  At least, it’s a harder sell than campaign management or demand generation – things of that ilk.  So they make an effort to overcome that deficiency by building a wide partner network of strategic partners, VARs, ISVs and others, attracting the biggest names in the business.  Look at this consulting partner list – and this is partial – Watchlist winners Accenture and The Pedowitz Group – and Capgemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, Tata Consulting Services, Hitachi Consulting, Infosys, TopRight, WIPRO, Harte Hanks and Acxiom. Teradata Applications and their partners also have a strong focus on vertical industries where their IMM capabilities play well – among them retail, financial services, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and life sciences.   This gives them highly focused market slices that can be significant revenue sources for the company in addition to a possible leadership position in the space. In fact, because of this targeted focus, they expect double-digit growth in the upcoming year or two while the rest of the company is expected to be growing at a single digit rate.”

TopRight’s inclusion with this respected partner set gives our current clients, and all those looking to engage with us, the confidence and assurance they need and that it takes to operate with our vendor partners.  This is why we are often mentioned as the boutique agency of choice for strategy, technology implementations, sales enablement, and branding.

imagesRead the full post, CRM Watchlist 2014, for all the winners and a more in-depth analysis of CRM today and as always stay #TopRight

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