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The World Cup: A Rare Opportunity for Serious Company Bonding

imagesCompany outings are important. They build internal relationships and create camaraderie among employees.  The opportunity to go to a ballgame, have a team dinner, or spend time at a retreat will typically strengthen a team. The rarest of company events is the mid-week, during work hours sporting event that has the entire nation on the edge of their seat.  In some minds, the World Cup is more exciting than the Olympics and Super Bowl combined.  Don’t miss out on the chance to have all of your employees screaming in unison and high-fiving while in the office.  There even may be some hugging going on.  Below are 5 tips to make the most of this rare occurrence:

  1. Get everyone in the same room – Turn the conference room or break room into your game headquarters. Everyone needs to be together.
  2. Don’t disappoint with underwhelming technology – Utilize a big TV or consider projecting a large screen through a laptop.  The bigger and louder, the better.
  3. Create excitement with a USA theme – Bring in hot dogs, popcorn, Cokes and, based on the afternoon expected production, Budweiser. Treat your employees as adults, unless they give you a reason not to.
  4. Encourage colleagues to dress for the game – There’s always going to be someone who will paint their face and rouse up the office.
  5. Consider inviting partners and clients – The more, the merrier. Showcase your company’s teamwork and use the opportunity to strengthen outside relations. You may have the chance to get that first client hug in.

A mid week, mid-day, USA World Cup Match that determines if they advance…. Don’t miss out on this bonding opportunity. GO USA! images

Let us know how your party goes and as always stay #TopRight.

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