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Todd Lunsford


Todd Lunsford is a leader known for building and executing powerful growth strategies against a backdrop of constant change and complexity. During his two decades plus of experience in organizations undergoing major transformations, Todd has addressed a variety of challenges including brand consolidation strategy, the evolution of niche players into market leaders, and M&A-related integration. Within these contexts, he built an arsenal of both B2B and B2C strategies to generate measurable growth across a wide range of business objectives and target market segments. With defining experience at Envision Healthcare, ING Americas, and Pepsico, among others, Todd has developed a distinctive ability to shift seamlessly from the creative and conceptual level down to the analytical and back again. He is as passionate about motivating his team as he is about driving organic growth, and he knows how to collaborate, communicate, innovate, and execute. He holds degrees from the Wharton School, the University of Chicago, and the Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium.