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Middlesex County
Middlesex County

Having successfully communicated a message of growth and collaboration through the previous year's "Brighter Future" campaign, Middlesex County sought to evolve this narrative in 2023. The new campaign highlighted the county's strategic and intentional efforts behind its ongoing development and prosperity. Named "By Design," this campaign was developed to reinforce the idea that the county's advancements result from careful planning and investment rather than mere chance.


To transition from the "Brighter Future" campaign to "By Design," a comprehensive strategy encompassing brand marketing, visual identity, and go-to-market activation was implemented. This strategy aimed to educate residents about the county's initiatives and foster a renewed sense of community pride.

Strategic Brand Messaging:

The overarching message, "By Design," was crafted to communicate that Middlesex County's positive trajectory is the product of deliberate actions by its leadership.
A creative brief was developed, outlining key messages and proof points to underscore the intentional nature of the county's efforts.

Creative and Visual Identity Development:

A bold, clean, and ownable visual identity was created, featuring captivating imagery suitable for multi-channel use.
Marketing materials were designed to be flexible for deployment across various platforms, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence.

Multi-Channel Marketing Deployment:

The campaign was rolled out across traditional and digital channels, including TV, out-of-home advertising, transit, print, and digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Meta, and YouTube.
Each channel was strategically chosen to maximize reach and engagement with different county audience segments.

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The "By Design" campaign launched with impressive metrics that highlighted its reach and impact within the first two months:

Extensive Reach and Engagement:

The campaign achieved a remarkable 114,387,383 cumulative impressions across digital and traditional media.

52,550 clicks were recorded, demonstrating significant engagement with the campaign materials.

The click-through rate (CTR) for digital ads stood at 0.90%, indicating effective audience targeting and message resonance.

Media Performance:

Traditional media channels delivered 14,680,228 plays, showcasing the campaign's broad penetration and visibility.

Using diverse media channels ensured that the campaign message was consistently presented across all community contact points.


The "By Design" campaign for Middlesex County successfully built on the momentum of the previous year's efforts, reinforcing the county's commitment to thoughtful and strategic growth. By clearly articulating and visualizing the intentional nature of its developments, Middlesex County strengthened community trust and pride while effectively communicating its role as a deliberate architect of a brighter future. This case study exemplifies how strategic messaging and comprehensive marketing can enhance public understanding and support for local government initiatives.

Middlesex County
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