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Warner Bros. VIP Tours aimed to strengthen the perception of its offering, its value to customers, and its impact on the Warner Bros. brand. The company had an ambitious goal of doubling its visitor numbers to support a five-year growth plan. A sustainable brand strategy to achieve this, built on a compelling and consistent brand story, was needed to enhance Warner Bros. Tours' competitive position and growth prospects.


Comprehensive Brand Strategy:

Brand Strategy Development:

Our team updated the W.B. Vision and Mission to develop a robust foundation for Warner Bros.'s future. It brought these elements to life through thematic story organization, creating themes to activate and organize the story across all touchpoints effectively. We strategically positioned Warner Bros. Studio Tour to stand out from competitors like Universal, Sony, and Paramount while ensuring a seamless alignment with the broader Warner Bros. brand. Additionally, we developed a brand promise that is authentic, credible, defensible, and relevant to the target audience: "Get closer to the entertainment you love," emphasizing a memorable and shareable relationship with entertainment and Hollywood.

Engaging Storytelling:

  1. Brand Narrative: Developed a narrative that highlighted the emotional connection visitors could make with Warner Bros. through the tour.
  2. Tour Experience: The tour was framed as a continuous experience that starts with booking the ticket and ends with post-visit engagement, which includes a follow-up email with a personalized thank you message, a survey to gather feedback, and exclusive offers for future visits.
  3. I.P. and Process: Leveraged Warner Bros.'s I.P. and filmmaking process to create a unique, insightful, and engaging visitor experience.

Implementation and Activation:

  1. Marketing and Advertising: Created integrated marketing communications across various channels, including digital media, print, and event environments.
  2. Visitor Engagement: Ensured visitors were connected before, during, and after their visit, enhancing the overall experience.
  3. Internal Alignment: Encouraged other Warner Bros. divisions to integrate the tour into their plans, strengthening its visibility and impact.

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The strategic rebranding and comprehensive marketing efforts led to substantial positive outcomes:

Visitor Numbers: Achieved significant growth in visitor numbers, aligning with the aggressive five-year plan.

Revenue Goals: Surpassed revenue goals by optimizing the visitor volume and pricing mix.

Enhanced Perception: Successfully positioned the tour as a must-visit attraction for tourists in L.A., always in consideration when planning visits.

Brand Integration: Other Warner Bros. divisions began considering the tour in their plans, benefiting from the exposure and strengthening overall brand cohesion.


The Warner Bros. Studio Tour rebranding initiative, driven by a clear vision and a compelling brand story, has significantly enhanced the tour's competitive position and growth prospects. By focusing on an engaging and consistent brand narrative, the tour has doubled its visitor numbers and strengthened its connection with Warner Bros.'s broader brand, ensuring sustainable success and continued growth. This strategic alignment has set a new standard for how entertainment tours can deliver value and unforgettable experiences to their visitors. It has inspired us to continue pushing the boundaries of visitor engagement.

Warner Bros
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